„SPACE is the interactive unit of MARKENFILM in Hamburg.
We love pioneer technology. No blueprints.“


Together with a team of sound artists, software developers and composers, Markenfilm SPACE brought the famous „Four Seasons“ by Antonio Vivaldi into a new perspective: The score from 1725 was translated into a 2019 version using climate data.


Stronger than time: the G-Class is a timeless class of its own. Timeless design, timeless style, preserved in its DNA over decades.

The car of the future

In an immersive installation, users can explore the show car exterior, learn about its features and functionality in an interactive way, and even virtually test-drive the car with its autonomous drive logic.

1 Europe for 500 million citizens

„United in Diversity“ — how Europe is shaped by its citizens and the European Parliament. A multimedia exhibition outlining how EU policy affects our everyday life.

The invisible drive

How to make the invisible visible? — We created a car that is invisible to its environment and went viral.

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