Mixed Reality for improved accessibility in exhibitions


How does Mixed Reality improve a visitor’s journey in an exhibition or museum? What are the benefits for visitors with special needs such as hearing impaired users? We bring Mixed Reality into the EU Parliament in Brussels and showcase how our software on Microsoft’s HoloLense offers a real added-value for visitors.

European Parliament

Markenfilm Crossing


Brussels, Belgium

Live Biography in Mixed Reality

We created a software to embed biography information on persons live into the view of the user: Visitors can focus on a face printed in an exhibition, air tap – and all relevant infromation is placed right around the picture. Our facial tracking and recognition software runs in real time. We applied our algorithms for the „MEP Wall“ installation, which shows portraits of all 751 current Members of Parliament: To learn all about the politician, we developed an application to show holographic information right on top of each portrait.

We created

immersive accessibility

Mixed Reality for Sign Language Translation

In cooperation with members of the local hearing impaired community, we developed and tested a HoloLense application which simultaneously translates the 360° cinema movies to sign language. Hearing impaired visitors are now enabled to enjoy the full experience using Mixed Reality while having their hands free and having clear vision to communicate with their company. The hologram‘s size and position can be adjusted using a bluetooth remote controller to satisfy individual needs. We conducted tests and qualified interviews with participants and compiled an acapamic paper with our results.